54 Reasons to Go To Taco Bell

1. You are hungry
2. You aren’t that hungry
3. You know where the closest one is
4. You want to learn where a new location is
5. You want to use your app
6. You’re in an awkward conversation and need something to do on your phone so you order on the app
7. You feel nostalgic and want to go order from the window
8. It’s Wednesday
9. You had a good day
10. You had a bad day
11. Your day isn’t really good or bad yet
12. You don’t have anything in the fridge
13. It’s Tuesday
14. You are driving on the same side of the road as the drive thru entrance
15. You had a late night
16. You had an early morning
17. Your pants are a little too loose and you don’t want to buy new clothes
18. It’s Thursday
19. You want to take a screen grab using the app to post on Instagram
20. You need to make a big life decision and need hot sauce packet advice
21. You had a good workout
22. You had a bad workout
23. You skipped your workout
24. It’s Monday
25. You haven’t been outside today
26. You packed a salad for lunch and it doesn’t sound appetizing
27. You need something to do while you wait in a parking lot to pick someone up
28. You have a gift card
29. You were inspired by James Harden; a breakfast defector
30. Your socks match
31. You feel it might karmically help the emoji taco into existence
32. It’s Saturday
33. You need a reason to drive past the cute guys house who happens to live en route to Taco Bell – if you make a few extra turns
34. You need a good juxtaposition image between you in a wedding dress and you eating Taco Bell 
35. You forgot to bring something for the summer potluck
36. You had a good dentist check-up
37. You got negative results on your pap smear
38. You got positive results on your pap smear
39. You aren’t on an all-carb diet
40. You went to a wedding and the food wasn’t Taco Bell
41. You aced a test
42. You definitely failed that test
43. You saw someone on Instagram eating Taco Bell
44. It’s Friday
45. It’s 7am – or earlier? 
46. You went to a fancy restaurant and ordered something exotic- that tasted too exotic
47. You are on your way to a dinner party that you know is going to have gross food
48. You are getting hangry
49. You promised to do Meatless Mondays and need a bean and cheese burrito
50. You just bought THESE RING Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.01.51 PM
51. You attempted to make a new fancy recipe for dinner and it didn’t work out
52. You sabotaged a recipe so that you could go get Taco Bell instead
53. You are about to watch an epic LOTR marathon


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