A List of Food Cravings That Are Not Mutually Exclusive

  1. Genuinely Liking Kale Chips
  2. Genuinely Liking Spicy Nacho Doritos
  3. Genuinely Liking Authentic Mexican Food
  4. Genuinely Liking Taco Bell
  5. Genuinely Liking a Green Smoothie
  6. Genuinely Liking Yoohoo
  7. Genuinely Liking Artisan Co-Op Pizza
  8. Genuinely Liking Lunchables Pizza
  9. Genuinely Liking a good Brie
  10. Genuinely Liking cheese in a can
  11. Genuinely liking steamed broccoli
  12. Genuinely liking steamed dumplings
  13. Genuinely liking chia seeds
  14. Genuinely liking sprinkles and all of their trans-fat glory
  15. Genuinely liking starfruit
  16. Genuinely liking yellow starbursts more than pink starbursts
  17. Genuinely liking roasted brussel sprouts
  18. Genuinely liking deep fried anything
  19. Genuinely liking homemade energy bites
  20. Genuinely liking Bagel Bites
  21. Genuinely liking tarts from an indie bakery
  22. Genuinely liking Pop-Tarts cooked in the microwave
  23. Genuinely liking slow-drip, free-trade, organic coffee
  24. Genuinely liking 7-11 French Vanilla mixed with Hot Chocolate
  25. Genuinely liking a good steak and a glass of red wine
  26. Genuinely liking a plate of pizza rolls and a hard cider
  27. Genuinely liking a traditional shepherd’s pie
  28. Genuinely liking KFC’s Famous Bowl

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